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The Foundations of Our Republic
Free Community Seminar SeriesThe first and third Thursdays of each month
Next session is March 7, 2019

What are the fundamental principles of our Republic? Are these principles based on a view of objective reality/nature, or simply the “consent of the governed”? Depending on how one addresses the previous question: Are these principles changeable, and if so on what grounds? How should one read the founding documents? What authority does the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary branches have? What are rights? Are they based on nature or consent? Are they inalienable?

The March 7  reading is –
Constitutional Amendments 15-19

12:00 – 1:00PM

Declaration of Independence, Selected Federalist Papers, The U.S. Constitution, Dred Scott Decision and Dissenting View (edited), Lincoln Douglass Debates (edited), Letter from Birmingham Jail

The Ojai Library
111 East Ojai Avenue
Ojai, California 93023