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Candlelight Restorative Bliss with Essential Oil Therapy

Our culture promotes never-ending doing. Restorative Yoga is the radical, counter-cultural experience of simply being. Join Francesca Michelle Gold, Yoga Therapist, and Marina Glasko, Aroma Touch Therapist for restful restorative poses and healing essential oil therapy to ground in and connect with your body and heart to support relaxation, stress-relief and deeper, more restful sleep.

About Restorative Yoga

Your body has an innate ability to relax and rejuvenate itself given the right circumstances and environment. Restorative yoga uses a series of easy, supported poses done on the floor, and held for a long time under the right conditions (which includes the use of many props) to tip the balance from “fight or flight” mode into maximum relaxation. It’s possible you’ll experience immediate and lasting effects on your heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity, and nervous system after just one restorative yoga class. Emphasis on complete muscular relaxation and comfort are emphasized to achieve a quiet state of mind and body so that deep healing is possible.

About AromaTouch
Balance the nervous system and reduce physical and emotional stress with essential oils diffused throughout the space as well as applied along energy meridians of the head and hands. The gentle AromaTouch technique also includes energy healing and uses dōTERRA’s Certified Therapeutic Grade™ oils for an unparalleled grounding experience.

You can apply Hamsa class passes and memberships to this offering. It is not an additional cost. Not included in 30 day new student pass.

Hamsa Class Passes (they don’t expire for 1 year!):
$17 drop in
$75 – 5 class pass
$130 – 10 class pass