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Church of the Wild at Camp Comfort

On Sunday, February 3 Ojai Church of the Wild will gather once again to honor the land, share songs and stories, and spend some solitary time in conversation with the wild.

Our theme in February is Reverence, a word rarely used these days even in spiritual contexts, yet it can express a feeling of great love, and a willingness to see the world and others as sacred. What can nature teach us about opening our hearts in reverence? What can we teach each other?

Please come share with us on February 3rd at Camp Comfort, 11969 North Creek Rd, Ojai, from 10am to 12 noon. Bring warm clothes, water, a chair for sitting in circle, and if you wish a small percussion instrument and a journal to write in. Those who want to have lunch after the service, remember to bring your own picnic lunch and/or food to share.