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GREATER GOODS – And Now, Love: a documentary film screening

join us for a special screening of the award-winning feature documentary, AND NOW, LOVE : a documentary on the life and work of Dr. Bernard W. Bail, a still-living highly decorated Jewish World War II veteran who was captured by the Nazis and rescued by a secret love affair with his German nurse. Becoming a doctor and psychoanalyst he pioneered the “mother’s imprint” theory, uncovering the transgenerational trauma passed down to every baby born, and striking at the root of all psychopathology.

As his work evolved, his conviction in the undeniable link between social progress and the treatment of women made him the ultimate feminist and a firm believer in the idea that if the world can ever know peace, women must lead the way.

trailer here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teiX3rEiQsU

Narrated by Peter Coyote and spanning the globe and decades, AND NOW, LOVE explores a paradigm shift that will shock, touch and ultimately provide answers to the mysteries of human nature, emotions and wellbeing that have bewildered mankind for generations.

Jill Demby Guest, an Emmy nominated, Promax award-winning documentarian, has crafted an incredible film and will host a Q&A after the screening that is sure to be mind opening.

Get your tickets at the door, donation based. See you there!