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GREATER GOODS – Climate Change Circle

tue, august 13, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

from host, jack adam weber : “This is an informal and confidential circle to discuss the latest global climate change science as well as voice our concerns, ideas, and challenges around the ongoing climate crisis. This is an ongoing event, the second & fourth Tuesdays of the month. Community builds resiliency; we hope you will join us!” CLIMATE CHANGE DISCUSSION & SUPPORT GROUP Guidelines and Insights Greetings, welcome to climate Discussion and Support Circle. Thank you for joining us. We have been meeting for about 7 months, and a core group of individuals have been attending regularly, along with an assortment of others who drop-in time to time. If this is your first time at the Circle, please adopt a listen-learn-feel approach at first to respect and get a sense of existing dynamics and flow. All are welcome to the climate change group. You may invite friends and share about the group in any positive way you like. This is not a forum to debate the existence of climate change but to discuss its real-life implications and any other issues about climate change that concern or interest you. Personal sharing should pertain to climate change, or closely related topics. You do not have to share anything; you may just listen. All sharing is confidential; what is said in group stays in group. This ensures freedom, safety and trust. Please be mindful of the amount of time you take to share. Please be mindful of a sense of equality in sharing time among all in attendance. Try not to interrupt others who are sharing. Active listening is encouraged. After someone shares, try to allow that sharing to “land” by exercising appropriate moments of pause or silence (to allow quiet reflection for others) between a sharing and anything you want to share next. This is a facilitated group. I, or another facilitator, will do my best to moderate the group to create equality and manage the time and topic relevance. The facilitator may interrupt your sharing if he/she feels your sharing is off-topic, is consuming an inappropriate amount of time, or is injuring another person. This is not personal and should be taken personally. The last 15 minutes of meetings are more critical. Please be mindful of the facilitator’s cues to allow time to wrap things up and to discuss anything needed before people depart. The facilitator is more likely to protect this time in the interest of all in order to stay on topic. We will all be mindful to try to start and end the group on time. Violent and attacking speech towards others or the facilitator is not tolerated. If you have any issue with anyone in the group, or with the facilitator, please discuss directly to the facilitator or the person to resolve the issue. I am more than willing to level-headedly and open-heartedly discuss any issues in the spirit of good communication and clarity to uplift continued good vibes, support and community-building. Jack’s phone number is 808.938.2405 and email is jackadamweber@gmail.com if you need to reach out. Thank you and again, welcome!