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KROTONA INSTITUTE – Mandalas: Universal Form + Function

David Orr
Four Weekday Mornings

Mandalas:  Universal Form + Function

October 8 – 11
Tuesday – Friday 10 am – noon

The Mandala has long served as a symbol representing the universe. CG Jung noted that although the mandala is most often associated with Eastern thought, the form has actually appeared in myriad cultures for centuries. In his introduction to The Red Book, Sonu Shamdasani noted that Jung “held that the mandala represented one of the best examples of the universality of an archetype.” David Orr will take us through his own work with Mandalas, discuss their use across cultural and philosophical spectrums, then open up the process to participants.  The series will demonstrate how the mandala appears in myriad belief systems, exploring similarities between various uses of the form — ranging from ancient celestial maps, sacred geometry, and contemporary diagrams used in particle physics. David will guide your own creation of mandala symbology using elements of your own mythology. Sessions will include artist lectures, mandala making, and group discussion.
Series $50, Single Session $15

David Orr is a visual artist based in California. He exhibits his work internationally, and has presented it at a wide range of venues, including Cal State LA, the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Death Salon, Dublintellectual Ireland, The Director’s Guild of America, The Mütter Museum, The New School, Parsons School of Design, The Philosophical Research Society, Reed College, and UCLA. He is a member of The Long Now Foundation.