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OJAI ART CENTER – The Figure As Art

​The Main Gallery will display a collection of work celebrating the human form in an exhibit called “The Figure As Art.”  Included will be 2 dimensional paintings and sketches done by artists from our figure drawing classes and the popular “push pin art” – unframed work selling for $35.00 per piece.

D’Anira Wiseman will exhibit in the Signature Gallery. She states “my paintings are depictions of my life lessons in symbolic form. The Goddess series depict the deep connections of our energetic souls to the energies of nature and the universe. The story of my life, the good, the bad and the ugly are illustrated in acrylic paints with stories and descriptions of the life hurdles that they depict. Some of the paintings with their accompanying stories are included in my book the “The Freak of Ojai”. Most of the paintings speak for themselves but I do provide an explanation about what these universal symbols represent to me.”

The Beato Showcase will display Leslie Marcus’ exciting new collection of hand painted designs printed on 55” square chiffon scarves. Leslie, who has resided in Ojai for over 20 years, is an apparel and home furnishing textile print designer. The Marcus Collection is a stunning, artistic and unique fashion statement.

Eilam Byle as a wood worker for over 25 years in Ojai has seen his woodturnings and hollow forms shift from very focused to very raw. He loves this fine line and balancing these two different energies. He will mostly be showing woodturnings and hollow forms that reflect this journey from narrow to wide. Front Showcase.

A reception for all artists will be Saturday, May 18, 4-6 p.m. Great music, dancing, food, wine, punch, champagne.