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OJAI UNDERGROUND – Life Performance Practices: Turning Business Into A Performing Art

  • Ojai Underground Exchange (map)

How To Be Powerful Without Acting Like A Jerk

As players in today’s business world, we’re all aware of the pressure to perform effectively and productively for the bottom line. That pressure can make us act in regrettable ways. Yet, in these eruptive and uncertain times, there’s a pressing need to perform with goodwill and good sense.


This 2 hour Interactive Power Lab gives you unique performance-based skills proven highly successful for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, managers, teams, & community leaders. Activities: LPP Instruction, power performance practices, creative collaboration, and interactive improv scenario work. It’s thought provoking, empowering, practical, and great fun.


 Self-correct before you act in mindless, damaging ways.

 Steady your mind with awareness and develop versatility in action.

 Learn who in you can best interact with different business colleagues and clients.

 Make productive character choices to fit changing needs & situations at work.

SONDRA BENNETT has taught Life Performance Practices in corporations such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Co., Sony, in CPA and law firms, and small businesses. She has also taught LPP in hospitals, universities & in the private sector. Presently Sondra teaches and travels with her new book, Living on the Empty Stage, Performing Daily Life in the Light of Self-Awareness, available on Amazon.com.

Admission is $20 if pre-registered, $25 at the door. To register and for more information please call (805)870-5354 or email Sondra at info@lifeperformancepractices.com