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SOMATIC SANCTUARY – The Original Living Wisdom” of Mother Earth, Workshop with Mama Nuiyuan

“Dare to be …a LIGHT in these times of Despair”
Please join us for this special workshop:
“The Original Living Wisdom” of Mother Earth,
Precious moments with Mama Nuiyuan
Community Talks:
 – Wed., June 5 at 7p / Graduate Institute, Montecito
 – Tue., June 11 at 7p / Somatic Sanctuary, Ojai
 – Thu., June 13, 6 – 9 pm
 – Fri. to Sun., June 14 – 16, 10 am – 6 pm
Mama Nuiyuan’s Visit
Mama Nuiyuan is on his way to California for another cycle of balancing work in different parts of California.
He acts like an acupuncture artist placing precise needles to recover energetic balance in a system.
Mama Nuiyuan will make himself available to share some “Original Living Wisdom’ of Mother Nature and of the way she intended humans to function as part of a living system on Earth.
He will answer your questions and worries about how we can start to be a beneficial impact for all on Earth.
What is a Mama?
Mama means “sun” in the Kogi language. Mama Nuiyuan means, “the sun shines for everyone”. Besides preserving this original wisdom, his purpose is to be a bridge between the wise elders of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia and what they call the “Younger Brother”.
This role of a bridge is necessary because they ask us not to go to their lands, as it is destroying the very existence of their ancestral delicate culture. They ask us to learn here in our homelands how to be a steward and be of service here.
About Mama Nuiyuan
A gifted Native Andean maestro, Mama Nuiyuan is a master in bringing ancestral wisdom around the world.  He is a Vibrational Healer, Holistic Educator, Yogi and Shaman of the Light.  He holds the unique distinction of being the only Mama born outside of the Sierra authentically ordained by the Kogi Mamas of the high Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Columbia.
Sacred Exchange:

  • Talk: community, by donation
  • Workshop: $550

Attendance at the 4-day workshop is recommended. Single day options are available.

  • Thu: $75 / eve.
  • Fri., Sat., or Sun: $175 / 1 day pass
  • Fri. to Sun.: $500 / 3 day pass
For more information:
Please contact
Stephanie Hilborn
Koginka Sewaluna Foundation volunteer
shilborn@gmail.com or (415) 509-4115
And, visit:
“This work provided the blueprint to honor my spirit and transform my life to one of service to the creation and humanity by returning to the ways of natural functioning of the Great Mother.”
– Ellen Parker
“We are meant to be the guardians and keepers, the glorious source of human love, that can feed the spirits of the land, can revive the forests, rivers, and mountains, and can reduce the imbalance that causes so many droughts, fires, and other catastrophes. Through this work, I have learned the elements of power to engage with nature as a true custodian and sacred ally.”
– Michael Brasunas