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One City, 5,000 Votes

EDITOR'S NOTE | By Bret Bradigan One City, 5,000 Votes The Perils of Race and Partisanship Ojai's voting districts Ojai's voting districts In 2020, voters will face distinct and far-reaching decisions. Are we a representative democracy, or are we sliding further down the path toward totalitarianism? I refer, of course, to the city’s decision, under pressure from a regional advocacy group, to split the city into five voting districts for city council seats. The idea is to get more Hispanic representation on the [...]

Schooling Us

FEATURED NEWS | By Michelaina Johnson Five Reasons Why Women Are Taking Over Education Ojai's five female heads of school: Jodi Grass, Tiffany Morse, Nancy O'Sullivan, Blossom Pidduck and Portia Johnson If you attended a public or private school, think about your teachers in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Chances are the majority of them were female. Among public and private schools, women make up 76 percent and 74 percent of teachers, respectively. However, as you look further up the ladder, the percentage [...]


Ant & The Grasshopper

Ant & The Grasshopper People from all over the world come to Ojai to play, to unwind and relax. They shrug off their burdens here. Relaxation is key to our economy, identity and allure. When one of the Scripps brothers was building his fortune in the early years of the 20th century, buying newspapers in often-remote western towns, he’d sniff the air as soon as he arrived at the train station. If he liked the smell, he’d often either buy or start a newspaper. It’s a pretty good rule. Clean air means no factory smokestacks befouling the air. No factories means the town’s economy is likely more diversified, that it is not a company town, subject to mercurial ownership or commodity prices. In the absence of a big company, many small towns rely on small craftsmen and farmers for its economy, or tourists, or both. In Ojai, it’s been explained to me that our economy is a three-legged stool — one leg is farming, the second is our splendid schools and the third is tourism. Somerset Maugham’s short story, “The Ant & The Grasshopper” twists Aesop’s fable into a tourniquet. The story’s premise is that of two brothers, one a machine of conscientiousness and competency, the other a charming rogue, a wastrel. The hard-working brother plots his life toward prosperity and respectability, dedicating himself to his studies. The other floats along on the sheen of his charm, chasing women and avoiding work. The hard-working brother becomes a bank president, the other depends on the hard-working brother’s good-will to bail him out of one scheme after another. Set in London in the late 1920s, the plot twist is the Great Depression. The bank has a run, the hard-working brother ruined. The charming rogue marries a rich widow. In this world turned-upside down, knowing how to have fun and be charming — to know about wines and ballroom dancing, fluency with leisurely pursuits, are marketable skills. Being a place for serenity, contemplation and finding (and reminding of) our purpose are among Ojai’s marketable skills, what sets us apart. I wonder if Ojai, during the next economic downturn, will be well placed to endure because of it. If, in this next telling of the fable, it is Ojai that is the grasshopper.


Backcountry Patrol

CHIEF'S CORNER | Capt. James Fryhoff Backcountry Patrol Lockwood Valley Station as seen from Copter 6. As Chief of Ojai, I am also the Captain for the unincorporated Ojai Valley communities of Meiners Oaks, Oak [...]


Auditions for “Seussical” Coming

Seussical the Musical auditions held by appointment, email THEATER | By Kathleen Kaiser 'Seussical the Musical' The Ojai Art Center Theater and director Gai Laing Jones announce auditions for SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL, the holiday production of the 2019 theater season. The play will run weekends beginning November 22 through December 15. The Story of SEUSSICAL The Cat in the Hat tells the story of Horton, an elephant who discovers a speck of dust that contains the Whos, including Jojo, a Who child [...]

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Raising The Bar

FOOD & DRINK | By Ilona Saari Raising The Bar Russ "Russell Hustle" Brunelli at the Ranch House Nigel Chisholm I first learned what a saloonkeeper was while watching old B&W westerns on TV.  They were mostly men who owned bars (a.k.a. “saloons”) with girls in satin dresses and feathers in their hair entertaining the patrons — cowboys and gunslingers — while someone played a piano wearing a gaudy garter on his sleeve.  (Before I was prime-time age, there was, of [...]

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Ventura County Emergency Dispatch (LIVE)

Incident Type: TC, Address: E Pleasant Valley Rd / Dodge Rd, City: Oxnard Plains, Units: MED665, E68, T68, SQ68, Status: [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical, Address: 1900 CAMINO DEL SOL, City: Oxnard, Units: E165, MED661, Status: En Route, Comment: Visi [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical High Plus, Address: 3000 Bianca Cir, City: Simi Valley, Units: MED431, E46, Status: En Route, Com [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical, Address: 4500 Telephone Rd, City: Ventura, Units: MED471, Status: On scene, Comment: Visit http: [Read More]

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