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Guy Webster, Ojai’s Easy Rider, Passes

Guy Webster died Tuesday, February 5. He will be missed. By Mark Lewis Ojai has no shortage of raconteurs, but Guy Webster is in a class by himself. Walk by NoSo Vita in the morning and you’ll likely see him sitting there with a cup of coffee in his hand, holding forth for a table full of friends. Drop by the Porch Gallery on a Saturday evening to attend an art opening and there he’ll be, sitting on the veranda at [...]

Women’s Fund Donates $105,000

BREAKING NEWS | By Maureen Volland Ojai Women’s Fund Awards $105,000 in Grants The Ojai Women's Fund gave out $105,000 in grants this week. More than 150 attendees gathered at the Ojai Valley Woman's Club on January 17 to attend the third annual Ojai Women's Fund Grantee Gala Awards Celebration. A total of $105,000 in grant money was distributed to 13 nonprofit organizations providing services to the Ojai Valley community in arts, education, environment, health, and social services. The grants were funded by [...]

Big Data vs. Ojai

Big Data vs. Ojai Online behemoths threaten Ojai’s quality of life By Bret Bradigan From the LA Times: Jonathan Gold, restaurant critic for the Los Angeles Times, with OQ editor Bret Bradigan. Gold died Saturday, July 21, 2018. Much of what contributes to Ojai’s quality of life has to do with the background hum of value being exchanged for value. It is the small businesses — the retail shops, real estate agents, restaurateurs, the plumbers, painters, we even have candlestick makers — [...]


Napoleon’s Curse

EDITOR'S NOTE | By Bret Bradigan Napoleon's Curse And the Lessons for Ojai Kubrick spent 20 years developing what many have called "the greatest movie never made." By Bret Bradigan Stanley Kubrick, arguably the best [...]


Community, Coming Together

CHIEF’S CORNER | By Police Chief James Fryhoff Community = Coming Together Stay safe and look out for one another There is no doubt in my mind that disasters bring us together. The best of [...]


Fascism in the ‘Little Orange’

Much will be made about the actions of the nine students at Ojai's Matilija Middle School who back in December formed into the shape of a swastika and also posted offensive, violent and threatening commentary on a group chat. Much should be made.

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Going The Distance

Ojai is a long way from the big-city boxing rings where world championships are decided. But once upon a time, champions and contenders regularly would trek out here to the boondocks to tune up for their next bout at Pop Soper’s rustic training camp along the Ventura River. It all started in the spring of 1927, when the most famous man in America came to Ojai seeking redemption.

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Ventura County Emergency Dispatch (LIVE)

Incident Type: Medical High, Address: 500 Pleasant Ave, City: Ojai, Units: MED503, ME21, Status: On scene, Comment: Visi [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical High Plus, Address: 4500 Alpine St, City: Simi Valley, Units: MED431, E46, Status: On scene, Comm [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical No Code, Address: 300 Avenida De Royale, City: Thousand Oaks, Units: MED441, Status: On scene, Co [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical High, Address: 1500 Seabridge Ln, City: Oxnard, Units: E66, MED664, Status: On scene, Comment: Vi [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical, Address: 1500 1533-1/2 Cypress St, City: Oxnard, Units: MED663, Status: On scene, Comment: Visit [Read More]

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