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My Life In Soaps

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT | By Ilona Saari My Life in Soaps Ilona Saari I never watched soaps growing up, nor did my mom, not even while ironing. But, that changed when I was living and working in Manhattan. On a trip home, I came down with the flu, leaving me flat on my back in a sea of used tissues. Mom brought me chicken soup and Cheez-Its and, to keep me company, turned on "Another World" (AW), a soap she’d discovered when she’d [...]

How Ojai Got Its Windows

COMMUNITY | By Robin Gerber 'Beshert' Comes Home What if you made a piece of art, make that six unique, metaphorical, transcendent pieces of glass art, and you sold them to a place thousands of miles from your home. And then, somehow, those works of art came back to you? They came to your little town, to a location where they fit to perfection. They came to people who loved them in a special way. Some people would call it a miracle. In Yiddish, it [...]

Magnum Moment

Magnum Moment Crimes and Punishments in a Small Town By Bret Bradigan Marc Welch and I were leaving Sunday school and heading home through the drifting snow when we spotted a glimpse of gleaming chrome in the towering snowbank outside Chum’s Sunoco in our tiny town of Forestville, New York. The gleaming chrome turned out to be the cylinder of a checkered-grip .357 Smith & Wesson Magnum, a popular and powerful revolver. We discovered that the pistol’s cylinder was full with six squat [...]


Power & Populism in Ojai

EDITOR'S NOTE | By Bret Bradigan Power & Populism in Ojai There’s a lot to be said for America’s disdain for authority. It has smashed hierarchies and unleashed entrepreneurial energies the likes of which has been seldom [...]


Community, Coming Together

CHIEF’S CORNER | By Police Chief James Fryhoff Community = Coming Together Stay safe and look out for one another There is no doubt in my mind that disasters bring us together. The best of [...]


Ethnic Diversity: From Start to Finnish

Hollywood has been in Oscar fever mode and, once again, the clarion call for racial and cultural diversity in film is sounding across the land. So, for all of you who are demanding your piece of the American pie and begging for your chance to fail at the American dream or simply to bring a more ethnic “face” to movies and TV… I say, kippis! (Finnish for “skoal!”) I’ve been there. Growing up a second generation Finnish-American (just plain “Finn” in the pre-PC [...]

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Guy Webster, Ojai’s Easy Rider, Passes

Guy Webster died Tuesday, February 5. He will be missed. By Mark Lewis Ojai has no shortage of raconteurs, but Guy Webster is in a class by himself. Walk by NoSo Vita in the morning and you’ll likely see him sitting there with a cup of coffee in his hand, holding forth for a table full of friends. Drop by the Porch Gallery on a Saturday evening to attend an art opening and there he’ll be, sitting on the veranda at [...]

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Ventura County Emergency Dispatch (LIVE)

Incident Type: Medical No Code, Address: 5100 Beachcomber St, City: Oxnard, Units: MED452, MED481, E168, SQ68, Status: E [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical, Address: 1700 S Victoria Av, City: Ventura, Units: MED421, ME3, Status: On scene, Comment: Visit [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical High, Address: 100 E Elfin Grn, City: Port Hueneme, Units: MED483, E66, Status: On scene, Comment [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical, Address: < 100 0 DODSON ST / 23RD AVE, City: CBC, Units: Q73, MED692, Status: On scene, Comme [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical, Address: 5400 Ralston St, City: Ventura, Units: MED664, Status: On scene, Comment: Visit http:// [Read More]

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