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Online Seminar Series

Lunchtime with Ulysses by James Joyce
Chapters Four and Five: Calypso and Lotus Eaters

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

(The series will take place the first
Wednesday of each month)

Ulysses is considered among the most important works of modernist literature and one of the greatest literary works in history. The book chronicles the appointments and encounters of Leopold Bloom in Dublin in the course of an ordinary day, June 16, 1904. Ulysses contains structural correspondences between the characters and experiences of Bloom and Odysseus, Molly Bloom and Penelope, and Stephen Dedalus and Telemachus, in addition to events and themes of the early 20th-century, Dublin, and Ireland’s relationship to Britain. Because of the book’s complexity and use of allusion, we will also slowly work through a study guide – Jame Joyce’s Ulysses – A Study by Stuart Gilbert. We invite you to join us on this long lunchtime journey as we slowly and carefully work through Ulysses, one chapter per month.

May 5 Reading:

Part Four and Five of Jame Joyce’s Ulysses – A Study by Stuart Gilbert and Calypso and Lotus Eaters of Ulysses by James Joyce


12:00-1:30PM PST


Barry Rabe


Online. Register to receive the link.