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AGORA FOUNDATION – Online Seminar Series on Michel de Montaigne

Montaigne is widely appreciated both for his literary innovations as well as for his contributions to philosophy.  As a writer, he is credited with having developed a new form of literary expression, the essay. As a philosopher, he is best known for his skepticism, which profoundly influenced major figures in philosophy such as Descartes and Pascal. Join us as we explore one of the most important figures of the French Renaissance.

June 28th Reading:
To the Reader, Of Cannibals, The Education of Children, Of Cruelty, and Of Repentance

Future Readings in the Series:
Apology for Raymond Sebond, Raymond Sebond, To Philosophize Is to Learn How to Die, On Schoolmaster’s Learning, Of idleness, On Solitude, On Practice, On the Armor of the Parthians, On Cato the Younger, On Democritus and Heraclitus, On the Vanity of words, On Books, On the Power of the Imagination, On the art of conversation, Of Experience

12:00-2:00PM PDT

Walter Sterling

Online. Register to receive the link.