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This is a series of FREE CLASSES FOR WOMEN on Saturday afternoons 4-5:15 pm

Take It To Heart

In the body and in the heart,
there is mystery, wisdom, and power
beyond our wildest imagining.
Everything is possible.
The first week’s theme is GENTLE BADASS. We’ll explore this paradox in a safe container with music, movement, and meditation.
Discover the part of you that craves rest and gentleness AND the part of you that is badass—energized, risk-taking, adventure seeking, pedal-to-the-metal.
Which are you seeking more of in your life right now?
How do these opposites actually nourish and support each other in you?
May 23: Gentle Badass
May 30: The Naughty Toddler Within
June 6: The Joy of Deliciousness