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LIGHT AND SPACE – Online Classes

Online classes are only $10 each.  We are also offering an ‘online’ 10-Pack of classes for just $85.  If you have an active membership you can use that to sign up for unlimited practice the same as usual.  And if you have an active class package, you can also use those classes, or save them for in-studio!

To purchase classes, simply go to our website  and click the SIGN UP button next to the class you’d like to take. 🙂

See our full schedule HERE

Note: If you are not prepared to participate in physically challenging activity, consider starting with a level 1 or 1-2 class. Remember, yoga is a science of the mind/spirit, the body is only an entry point… Be patient + go easy.


Level 1: A class geared towards moving a bit slower, with intention, and experimenting with core concepts of yoga.

Level 2: An intermediate class and generally requires some understanding of yoga, with practice flowing in and out of postures.

Level 3: A more advanced practice with regards to sequencing, strength building and stretching.

All Levels classes may have a bit of all the above within them, including comprehensive instruction and options to modify for those a bit newer, and challenging moments for those adept at the practice.

Split level classes (1-2, 2-3) offer a combination of the elements above.