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SESPE CREEK COLLECTIVE – Terpene-Infused Oxygen Bar

Terpenes are found throughout nature and serve a variety of roles, including shaping a plant’s smell and flavor and acting as natural pest repellents. Every cannabis strain possesses its own unique set and blends of terpenes that give it a distinct scent.

Come on by and experience the wonderful health benefits of terpenes at our FREE Terpene -Infused Oxygen Bar, hosted by BLOOM FARMS.

During this non-intoxicating experience, you will explore some common terpenes, including:

• Terpinolene: Nutmeg, Tea Trea, Apples, Cumin

• Linalool: Lavender, Floral

• Limonene: Citrus, Peppermint, Rosemary

• Humulene: Pine, Basil, Hops