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6 Feet of Connection: Back to our Roots

Rituals of Reconnection with the Earth, Through Art

Art Curator, Artist and Ojai resident Marisa Caichiolo teams up with Flourish Ojai to present a free online Earth Day art exhibition and celebration, featuring international land installation artists.

Featured is Marcos Lutyens  who’s current project “Rose River” is employing over 100 cities around the US in a collaborative art project. After it’s completion, Lutyens plans to present next year in Washington, D.C., as a National Memorial to the lives lost due to Covid. Lutyens has been exhibited internationally, including The Guggenheim Museum (New York), Royal Academy of Arts (London), National Art Museum of China (Beijing), and Istanbul Biennial (Istanbul), among many others.

As for the intent of this local initiative with a global vision, Caichiolo states, “The pandemic is giving us a pause. For a brief moment in history, humanity has no choice but to reflect on its vulnerability. Through art, we have the power to reach each other, to communicate, and to establish a deeper understanding and emotional connection with our planet.”

The following events are open to the public during Earth Day week:

  • Wednesday, April 21, at 11 am, via Zoom – Land artist Andrea Juan will share about her 15 years of exploration in Antarctica through her uniquely colorful creations. Click the Zoom link at flourishojai.com/earthdayworkshops to join for this 90-minute presentation.
  • Wednesday, April 21, at 7-9:30 pm, at the Porch Gallery – Launch of weekend events featuring a livestream concert with Mapuche vocalist Beatriz Pichimalen singing offerings to Mother Earth and artists Video Installations.
  • Thursday, April 22, at Opening honoring Earth Day 4-7:30 pm, at The Ojai Retreat – Rose River Memorial by Marcos Lutyens,  Ventura County COVID-19 Memorial exhibit and local selected artists’ installations.
  • Friday-Sunday, April 23, at The Ojai Retreat and Porch Gallery – Outdoor exhibits at The Ojai Retreat will be available for viewing at noon-7:30 pm and video projections of land art installations around the world will be available at 7-9:30 pm at the Porch Gallery.
  • Sunday, April 25, at 4:00 pm, via Zoom – Contemporary artist Marisa Caichiolo will share about the power of skin decoration, particularly with natural dyes and oils.

In September of last year, Marisa Caichiolo, contemporary artist, curator, and founder of Santa Monica-based Building Bridges Art Exchange (BBAX)  submitted a grant proposal to the City of Ojai Arts Commission to support a a new Earth Day event for the community. With a long-term vision for Ojai to be the site of an international land art biennial, this initiative is an invitation for all residents in the Ojai Valley to celebrate our majestic environment through land art creations that inspire us to imagine our future together.

 “Everyone is an artist capable of inspiring their communities to create their future in a sustainable way. Let’s remember together what it means to love the Earth as our Mother.”

6 Feet of Connection: Back to Our Roots is supported by the City of Ojai Arts Commission, Flourish Ojai, The Ojai Retreat, and the Porch Gallery.  See https://www.flourishojai.com/earthday for event details.

For interview requests with curator Marisa Caichiolo and/or featured artist Marcos Lutyens contact Kimiko Tokita, (805) 217-0556, or Kimiko@openskydevelopment.com.