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Artists and Galleries

Artists and galleries create the culture of our local community. If you want to share an art-related event, resource, or some other noteworthy opportunity, contact us by clicking here.

With our inspiring natural beauty and abundant sunshine, the Ojai Valley has long been a destination, and subject, for artists. Beginning with the innovative California Impressionism movement in the early decades of the 1900s, to world-renowned modern abstract painters who call Ojai home, Ojai has long lured artists and their patrons.

Beatrice Wood, famed her lustre ware ceramics and her friendships with major 20th century artists, was known as the “Mama of Dada” and is said to have inspired the Rose character in “Titanic.” She lived to the age of 105, working until her final days. Her legacy is honored at the Beatrice Wood Center in upper Ojai. Vivika and Otto Heino, also noted ceramicists, re-invented an ancient yellow glaze that would have been worth millions had they sold it. Instead, they kept their recipe a secret and sold pieces for tens of thousands of dollars each.

These are mere glimpses of the art treasures contained in Ojai. Dozens of galleries and hundreds of artists guarantee that you will find something challenging, pleasing, inspiring or provocative.

Art isn’t often thought of as a social pursuit, but in Ojai a thriving community of artists brings together fellow travelers and kindred spirits for friendship and community building. The Ojai Studio Artists, now in its fourth decade, has more than 60 members and organizes the Studio Artist Tour, bringing in thousands of art lovers the second weekend of October to see the artists in their natural habitats. Through the proceeds, OSA gives out thousands of dollars in scholarships to worthy students.

Ojai offers visitors, locals and artists many truly inspiring experiences through the galleries, non-profit organizations, workshops, art schools, foundations and generous patrons.


Canvas and Paper

A non-profit exhibition space showing paintings and drawings from the 20th century and earlier in thematic and single artist exhibits.

NOMAD Gallery & Foundation

Seeking to balance cultural tradition and economic opportunity, with African Art.

Human Arts Gallery

A visual treasure trove, from fun and funky to serious and elegant.

Beatrice Woods Center for the Arts

Open to the Public Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Canvas and Paper

A non-profit exhibition space showing paintings and drawings from the 20th century and earlier in thematic and single artist exhibits.

Firestick Pottery & Gallery

A creative work-space for ceramic artists and serious students. All levels are welcome! Visit our studio or shop our Gallery in Ojai's east end.

Ojai Valley Museum

The Ojai Valley Museum, in downtown Ojai, highlights the history, art and culture of the Ojai Valley. Start your trip to Ojai at the museum to learn about the valley and what makes it a special place.

Porch Gallery

Porch Gallery represents emerging and established contemporary artists and produces artistic events throughout the Ojai Valley.

The Ojai Art Center

The Ojai Art Center (OAC) has eight branches and hosts a series of classes and special events. OAC is the oldest multi-purpose non-profit art center in the state of California.