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All About Eve

FEATURES | By Mark Lewis Eve's Ojai Literary Lioness & Her Ojai Connections A Jules Weissman illustration of the famous Julian Wasser photo of Eve Babitz playing chess with Marcel Duchamp. Rediscovered in her 70s, Eve Babitz now reigns as the new literary lioness of Los Angeles, celebrated for puncturing the quaint notion that Southern California is a cultural wasteland. But when Babitz lays out her anti-wasteland case, Exhibit A is not the L.A. Philharmonic or LACMA; it’s the Ojai Music Festival. “There [...]

Trial by Trail

FEATURES | By Chuck Graham Trial by Trail One Day Through-Hike from the Coast to the Matilija Wilderness. Straddling the coastal spine of the Transverse Range, I hiked (and sometimes ran) the sandstone sea serpent that rises and falls east to west all the way from the idyllic Gaviota Coast to the stunningly breathtaking Matilija Wilderness, a stone’s throw away from Carpinteria and in Ojai’s backyard. The chaparral-choked Santa Ynez Mountains are one of the main gateways with several front-country trails leading to [...]

The Curious Case of God, Norman and the Whistler’s Mother

FEATURES | By Sami Zahringer The Curious Case of God, Norman and the Whistler's Mother Sami Zahringer, at her spectral best At the time of writing, I, your humble correspondent, am in my hometown of Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides. Here then is a tale from there/here. It contains some unnecessary smut because I am unnecessarily British so, if you find that unnecessary, probably you had better find Mark Lewis’s much more necessary article in here and swerve this one. So, then. An [...]


My Own ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Moment

I write this on the day that George Floyd was laid to rest, with a country in mourning. I have no answers about what needs to be done; but we obviously need to take a hard look at how to do the hard work of law enforcement without the violence and death. I had my own police-caused "I can't breathe moment" so I feel a very personal stake in this issue.


Pink Moment Beauty

CHIEF’S CORNER | Capt. James Fryhoff Pink Moment Beauty Young Mural Artist Completes Circle of Community Aubrey Larson with Capt. Fryhoff Since becoming the Chief of Police in Ojai, one of my goals was to [...]


One City, 5,000 Votes

EDITOR'S NOTE | By Bret Bradigan One City, 5,000 Votes The Perils of Race and Partisanship Ojai's voting districts Ojai's voting districts In 2020, voters will face distinct and far-reaching decisions. Are we a representative democracy, or are we sliding further down the path toward totalitarianism? I refer, of course, to the city’s decision, under pressure from a regional advocacy group, to split the city into five voting districts for city council seats. The idea is to get more Hispanic representation on the [...]

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Schooling Us

FEATURED NEWS | By Michelaina Johnson Five Reasons Why Women Are Taking Over Education Ojai's five female heads of school: Jodi Grass, Tiffany Morse, Nancy O'Sullivan, Blossom Pidduck and Portia Johnson If you attended a public or private school, think about your teachers in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Chances are the majority of them were female. Among public and private schools, women make up 76 percent and 74 percent of teachers, respectively. However, as you look further up the ladder, the percentage [...]

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Ventura County Emergency Dispatch (LIVE)

Incident Type: Medical, Address: 6600 Telephone Rd, City: Ventura, Units: ME3, MED472, Status: En Route, Comment: Visit [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical High, Address: 300 Charles St, City: Moorpark, Units: MED444, E42, Status: En Route, Comment: Vis [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical, Address: 800 S Victoria Av, City: Ventura, Units: MED471, Status: On scene, Comment: Visit http: [Read More]

Incident Type: Medical, Address: 400 Lillian Dr, City: Port Hueneme, Units: MED664, Status: On scene, Comment: Visit htt [Read More]

These are the stories of three young women and their mothers. These daughters left Ojai, where they were born and raised, for the larger world. But they returned, each for their own reason and in their own way. Read the story by Robin Gerber .

Let’s reprise the famous interview in the Ojai Quarterly that Malcolm McDowell gave to his good friend and cat’s paw Peter Bellwood.
Image provided by Malcolm McDowell.
By Peter Bellwood | October 10th, 2019

Reed Fish and his wife Liz took a year traveling the world, collecting memories. They returned and he set up shop in Ojai as a photographer and videographer. We talk about the online world of podcasts and how to get heard over the noise. Listen!

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