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Searching for the Extraordinary

FEATURE | By Kit Stolz The Search for the Extraordinary In Iceland, writes Kendra Greene, some people are born with a kind of second sight — the ability to see the magical. “They say if you’re baptized wrong, if the holy water does not wash over your eye, you may retain another sight,” writes Greene in a unique new collection of essays called “The Museum of Whales You Will Never See.” “You may see the elves even when they do not choose to reveal [...]

Christmas in Connecticut

FEATURE | By Ilona Saari Christmas in Connecticut Connecticut Christmas Christmas was a big deal in my family and, after dad died, mom wanted the holiday to remain special for my brother and me, so after 8:00pm service at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Bayside, Queens, Long Island, New York, she’d throw open the doors to our rambling, two-story brick house for all our friends and neighbors. There would be spiked eggnog for the grown-ups… fruit punch for us kids… her famous [...]

John Broesamle — A Man of Vision

John Broesamle, drawing by Sandy TreadwellFEATURE | By Mark Frost A Man of Uncommon Vision The third time John Broesamle lost his sight he thought it was gone for good. Starting at the age of 45, glaucoma had gnawed away at his optic nerves for 20 years, twice before leaving him partially blind, the second time taking his right eye for good. Only the timely, and by any measure extraordinary, intervention of surgeons at the UCLA Stein Eye Institute had left him with a [...]


My Own ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Moment

I write this on the day that George Floyd was laid to rest, with a country in mourning. I have no answers about what needs to be done; but we obviously need to take a hard look at how to do the hard work of law enforcement without the violence and death. I had my own police-caused "I can't breathe moment" so I feel a very personal stake in this issue.


Pink Moment Beauty

CHIEF’S CORNER | Capt. James Fryhoff Pink Moment Beauty Young Mural Artist Completes Circle of Community Aubrey Larson with Capt. Fryhoff Since becoming the Chief of Police in Ojai, one of my goals was to [...]


Ojai Valley Museum’s Newest Exhibit: Insight 20/20

Our very own Ojai Valley Museum has been busy procuring the fine creations of many creative minds right here at home during these uncertain times. They're excited to present to you, their newest virtual exhibit, featuring 59 artworks in a wide variety of mediums and styles. The artwork of Insight 20/20: Ojai Studio Artists provides something for everyone. And it's on for sale. You can view the exhibit here and also follow along on social media where they'll be showing you many more images [...]

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Pedal Power

FEATURES | By G Lev Baumel Pedal Power The E-Bike Revolution & Ojai If I got a dollar for every time someone said I was cheating when I ride my electronic bicycle, commonly known as an e-bike, I could buy the Tour de France. Once upon a time, I too believed e-bikes meant cheating. My opinion shifted when I started looking for how I might fit exercise into my busy days. I didn’t want to arrive at work all sweaty, but I still [...]

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Ventura County Emergency Dispatch (LIVE)

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