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Ojai: Talk of the Town

From Koeningstein Road in the East to Casitas Gap in the West, an orange curtain has descended across the Ojai Valley. The Ojai Quarterly and Ojai Monthly team has produced a podcast to host conversations in, around and about Ojai.

The Chumash Way w/ Julie Tumamait-Stenslie

The Inn Crowd w/ Chris Kandziora

Jim Selman’s Post-Pandemic Real-Time World

Zander Gabriel Gets Down to Business

Lark Ellen Farming w/ Kelley D’Angelo

Malcolm McDowell on “A Clockwork Orange’s” 50th Anniversary

Re-Opening Our Schools w/ Dr. Tiffany Morse

The Wisdom Palace w/ Meredy Benson Rice

Pixie Tangerine Month w/ Emily Thacher Ayala

Fathers and Sons w/ the Brothers Bradigan

Building the Ojai Dream w/ Frederick Fisher

The Real Fun Wow experience w/ Daren Thomas Magee

The Writing Life w/ Kristen MacGuiness

Psychology Yesterday & Tomorrow w/ Dr. Tom Krause

Exciting Times Ahead w/ Cassandra Jones

What’s Next for the Music World? – A Justin Little Production

Reaching & Teaching w/ Jim Bailey

Ojai’s First Families w/ Tony Thacher

Peter Fox Mans Up for Ball-Talking Monologue

The “Unsinkable” Audio Movie w/ John Mawson

The Cosmos & Surfing w/ Thacher’s Dr. Jon Swift

Getting to Know Ojai’s Major, Betsy Stix

Sustaining Ojai w/ Connor Jones

Cannabis & Ojai w/ Chelsea Sutula

The Shows Must Go On w/ Hawk Koch

The Actor-Writer-Musician-Playwrighter Life w/ James Morrison

Covid-19 Vaccines & You w/ Dr. Marty Pops

Election Post-Mortem w/ Sandy Treadwell

Kim Maxwell on Fearlessly Launching Your Story

Krista & Katherine Of The Holy F*ck Podcast

Bringing the Virtual World to Ojai w/ Tara Saylor

Exit Interview w/ Mayor Johnny Johnston

One Thousand (And One) True Fans w/ Artist Lucy Bellwood

Why is Ojai Worth Saving? John Broesamle’s Purpose

The Bluesman’s Journey w/ TD Lind

Agora Foundation’s CoronaVirus-Era Success w/ Andy Gilman

Ojai’s Affordable Housing Woes w/ Michelaina Johnson

The Ojai Playwrights Conference Goes Big, w/ Robert Egan

The Uses of Irreverence w/ Journalist Franz Lidz

Your Brain on Music w/ Bravo Program’s Laura Walter

On Grief, the Arts & Sisterhood with Lila Glasoe Francese

Globe-Trotting, Film-making & Entrepreneuring w/ Reed Fish

“Twin Peaks” & Saving Ojai w/ Mark Frost

Watergate, Mob Bosses & Ojai w/ Bill Gilbreth

Creating Art During a Pandemic w/ Natalie Krim

From Turtle King to “Tiger King” w/ Eric Goode

The Arts & Ojai w/ Porch Gallery’s Lisa Casoni & Heather Stobo

Lessons from the Kent State Shooting w/ Bob Wick

Surviving Covid19 w/ Andrew Bradigan

Talking Ojai w/ Tennis Legend Stacy Margolin Potter

Johnny Cash’s Ojai Sojourn w/ Mark Lewis

Experience & Discovery: The Ojai Music Festival w/ Ara Guzelimian

Journalism, Teaching & Ojai w/ Nomi Morris

“The Land & The Light” -Conservation Challenges in Ojai w/ Tom Maloney

Non-Profit Challenges in a Pandemic w/ Jesse Phelps

Sustainable Energy, Barbie dolls & Eleanor Roosevelt w/ Robin Gerber

Managing Disasters with Ojai Chamber CEO Jamie Fleming

Chef Claud Mann on Cooking Through a Crisis

What Shakespeare Can Teach Ojai

Signs of the Time in Ojai, with Mayor Johnny Johnston

Education in the Age of Pandemic, with Dr. Tiffany Morse

Dr. Marty Pops on Ojai & Coronavirus Readiness

Coronavirus & Community. A talk with Dr. Marty Pops.