VENTURA WILD – Children’s Outdoor Programs


Ventura Wild has quite a few outdoor socially distanced events available for children and parents in need. Nature connection is an essential healing aspect of life on earth that we have culturally undervalued. Ventura Wild creates meaningful outdoor experiences to reawaken […]

LIGHT AND SPACE – Online Classes

Online Ojai

Online classes are only $10 each.  We are also offering an 'online' 10-Pack of classes for just $85.  If you have an active membership you can use that to sign up for unlimited practice the same as usual.  And if you have an active class package, you can also use those classes, or save them for in-studio!


AGORA FOUNDATION – Free Community Seminar Series: Eastern Classics

Online Ojai

Online Seminar Free Community Seminar Series Eastern Classics Next session Thursday, January 14, 2021 ​ Like the west, the east has its own tradition of influential texts that address the perennial questions of human kind. Centering around the bodies of […]