TESS J YOGA – Yoga in the Park

Sarzotti Park 510 Park Road, Ojai

One hour long yoga class in the SE corner of Sarzotti Park including a combination of breathwork, movement, and meditation. 

LIGHT AND SPACE – Online Classes

Online Ojai

Online classes are only $10 each.  We are also offering an 'online' 10-Pack of classes for just $85.  If you have an active membership you can use that to sign up for unlimited practice the same as usual.  And if you have an active class package, you can also use those classes, or save them for in-studio!


KROTONA SCHOOL – Crisis, Interdependence and the Fabric of Compassion

Krotona Institute 46 Krotona Street, ojai

The unprecedented crisis which has been brought about by Covid-19 has revealed to the whole world what
Theosophical teachings have upheld from time immemorial:  interdependence is an essential part of humanity's
evolution and the whole of existence.