Lisa Skyheart Marshall

Expressing a connection with nature in original acrylic Botanical Immersion paintings.

Lisa Skyheart Marshall is an Ojai artist working mainly in acrylic and watercolor. She is feeling nearly endlessly inspired by plants, birds and insects. Her paintings could be described as colorful, detailed and with clean edges. While they are realistic, they are also imaginative with a little magic added.

Lisa has lived in the Ojai Valley her entire life, from one end to the other. Her childhood, which informs who she is and the work she does today, was full of playing in the hills of Ojai, building forts, following lizards, reading in trees, eating oranges underneath the trees, watching foreign films, reciting poetry, visiting her grandparents in Santa Barbara, imagination games, and drawing and painting.

She has memories of having forever been engaged in drawing and painting, but formal instruction waited until her twenties, when she already had three children. Lisa studied art with excellent instructors at Ventura College such as Gerd Koch and Hiroko Yoshimoto. Originally working in watercolor, then switching to acrylics, she now works alternately in the two mediums.

Lisa has a little loft studio where she creates most of her work, as well as forays into the outdoors for studies of her botanical subjects. She enjoys being still and waiting to see what hummingbird, lizard or dragonfly might happen by. Frequent subjects are passion flowers and orchids, but she has also used weeds in her front garden in her work.

On a recent trip to Europe, Lisa made several small paintings with ink detail added, and enjoyed it so much, she is continuing to make these small sized artworks in conjunction with her larger acrylics, all with the same botanical/birds/insects theme. Each painting begins with a careful pencil drawing, to work out the composition.

As well as original paintings, Lisa also offers limited edition fine art prints and cards with images of her paintings on them.